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The following is a sample reading with brief introductions into the various covered topics. The actual reading is a complete multi-page  analysis with specific-to-you photos of example designs and colours:

The first question at hand is who is the real you? With the planetary positions in your chart, it may be said that you are a person who is able to exert control over her own life path, and you also tend to be rather inward looking, focusing on the personal side of life... 

(The following Sun/Moon/Ascendant interpretation is provided by

The Sun

Your Sun, your ego or fundamental self, is in the sign of Gemini. Sun in Gemini inclines you be sensitive, talkative (Geminis are the gossips of the zodiac!), intellectual, vacillating, sympathetic, as well as being one who likes to socialize and craves variety...

The Moon

The Moon is your emotional response to the environment. It is your early conditioning, your subconscious being, your instinctive self. Your Moon is in Libra, in the sixth house, ruling the third... 

The Ascendant

Your Ascendant, which describes how others see you (or what you allow others to see, the “mask” that you show to the world), is in the sign of Taurus. That inclines you to be loyal, persevering and determined, sincere, warm-hearted, and nature-loving. You are slow to anger, but once you’ve reached your limit, watch out!...


Keywords: Drama, Comfort, Variety, Quality, Classical, Beauty, Nurturing, Harmony, Peace

Design Style

Indicators in your chart lean towards a home that’s comfortable and functional yet possesses style, charm, and individuality. I believe that with Leo on your fourth house cusp, a primarily Tuscan style would appeal to you with its emphasis on natural elements and craftsmanship, but with touches of classical design. Since you are a Gemini, your style is somewhat eclectic, and it’s most likely that you’ll want to change things up a bit periodically...

Photo Attachments:

Furnishings and Materials

The curved, rustic, nautilus-themed staircase with a touch of whimsy (to cater to your Gemini nature and Sun/Neptune opposition) would be a great addition...

Colours and Combinations

Given your unique astrological self, these colors work best for your home's interior environment.  They will allow you to create your perfect space...

Name Brand Colour Suggestions

Several Sherwin-Williams colours that would satisfy your chart's colour reading include Benjamin Moore's Cleveland Green 1525...

Bunny Williams