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Serious (Yet Elegant) Capricorn

by Darlene Mitrevics on 01/18/17

The Sun is well into the sign of Capricorn already! Wow. Time flies. (Now, that's a Capricorn statement, if I've ever heard one!) So, what are some key words to understanding this sign? March & McEvers (one of my favorite sources) list Cappies as being businesslike, traditional, hardworking, serious, responsible, cautious, inhibited, status-seeking, brooding, and scrupulous (there's always good and bad to every sign). You can depend on these people! Also, where you have Capricorn in your chart will determine in what area of your life you might exhibit some of those traits. Fifth house? With your kids. Seventh house? With your partner. Et cetera.

To what type of design is Capricorn drawn? They like angular and symmetrical lines in architecture. And quality stuff - expensive! Things that scream success! Classic elegance! Think Fendi Casa furniture, for example, a Neo-Capricorn look. A more traditional approach to this sign includes old world charm, arched windows, nubby fabrics, Chesterfield sofas, dark woods, silver and lead, leather, velvet, stone, slate, Don't forget to include anything that organizes or is related to time. This sign rules grandfather clocks!

Black, black, black is the primary color for Capricorn! But, really, any dark, matted color, including indigo, chocolate, navy or charcoal.

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