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Lovely Libra

by Darlene Mitrevics on 09/28/16

I think that the Impressionist style of art best describes a Libra's approach to interior design - soft, pastel, and a little blurred! Libras can have such difficulty making up their mind!  They do, however, appreciate symmetry, which is reflected by their glyph - the Scales.  But the Scales aren't always balanced.  Libra can be all sweetness and light, then turn restless, depressed, argumentative, and confused before balance is achieved again.  How does this trait translate into design for the Libran home?  Ultimately, Librans will come back to balance again, so it's best to provide them with an environment that focuses on symmetry and harmony, so as to aid them in that quest.  Pairs of items, monochromatic color schemes, milky whites and pastels, light and airy architecture (they are air signs, after all), sculpture gardens, art walls, lace, translucent fabrics, loveseats, candles and candlesticks, cloth napkins, good china, sterling silver, fresh flowers, music systems, whitewashing, and marble floors all are Libra design elements.  Whether male or female, Libra simply won't abide anything claustrophobic, ugly, or asymmetric.  Libran colors are pale pink, baby blue; actually, pastels of all colors.  Also add rose and copper to the list.

Remember, though, that the Libra Sun will have other emphases in the natal chart to blend with these basic characteristics.

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The Signs and Their Colours

Aries - Bright, Fiery Red, Scarlet, Magenta

Taurus - Coral, Cream, Copper, True Blue, Grass Green

Gemini - Crystal Blue,Periwinkle, Yellow, Orange, Violet

Cancer - White, Silver, Pale Turquoise, Opal, Pale Gray, Light Green

Leo - Gold, Amber, Yellow-Orange, Yellow-Brown

Virgo - Muted Tones, Indigo, Lime Green, Violet, Sage

Libra - Pink, Light Blue-Green, Baby Blue, Rose, Copper, Bronze

Scorpio - Chocolate, Blood Red, Carmine Red, Royal Purple, Black

Sagittarius - Olive Green, Rust, Purple, Violet, Rich Red, Navy

Capricorn - Black, Navy, Charcoal, Blue-Violet, Matte Hues

Aquarius - Azure Blue, Slate, Violet, Jade, Onyx, Turquoise, Bright White

Pisces -  Coral, Sea Green, Mauve, Turquoise, Sand, Burnt Sienna, Umber