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                      Aries Red!


by Darlene Mitrevics on 05/04/17

I have to admit, I don't understand Taurus very well, my own chart being replete with Fire and Air influences and very little Earth.  So I've procrastinated about discussing Taurus and design in a post.  But I can tell you this: nothing would be completed without people like Taurus.  The whole design process goes like this:  Water signs feel the need to create, Fire signs get the inspiration, Air signs work out the details, and Earth signs do the work.  

I do think that Taureans are like little hobbits, earthbound, craving their creature comforts.  I'm sure that Bilbo Baggins was a Taurus!  They like gourmet food, soft beds, silky fabrics, feather down, flowers and greenery, beautiful scents, Impressionist art, lyrical music, and easy living..  The walls of their space are light-colored and low-contrast, with perhaps a floral design paper hung. They're partial to monochromatic and analogous color schemes.  Cream, alabaster, grass green, true blue, copper, pastel pink, coral, and creamy yellow belong to this sign.  Everything is soft and curvy, even furniture, creating a cozy and intimate environment.

If a Taurus doesn't have a private outdoor space, they just won't be happy hobbits.  In a recent post, design blogger  Laurel Bern shows a beautiful outdoor space by designer Mark D. Sikes that I want to share with you.  So elegant:  https://laurelberninteriors.com/2017/05/03/mark-d-sikes-patio-furniture-look/

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The Signs and Their Colours

Aries - Bright, Fiery Red, Scarlet, Magenta

Taurus - Coral, Cream, Copper, True Blue, Grass Green

Gemini - Crystal Blue,Periwinkle, Yellow, Orange, Violet

Cancer - White, Silver, Pale Turquoise, Opal, Pale Gray, Light Green

Leo - Gold, Amber, Yellow-Orange, Yellow-Brown

Virgo - Muted Tones, Indigo, Lime Green, Violet, Sage

Libra - Pink, Light Blue-Green, Baby Blue, Rose, Copper, Bronze

Scorpio - Chocolate, Blood Red, Carmine Red, Royal Purple, Black

Sagittarius - Olive Green, Rust, Purple, Violet, Rich Red, Navy

Capricorn - Black, Navy, Charcoal, Blue-Violet, Matte Hues

Aquarius - Azure Blue, Slate, Violet, Jade, Onyx, Turquoise, Bright White

Pisces -  Coral, Sea Green, Mauve, Turquoise, Sand, Burnt Sienna, Umber