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                      Aries Red!

Discriminating Virgo

by Darlene Mitrevics on 08/22/16

Welcome Virgo! Your colors? Try navy, tan, wheat, beige, warm pale gray, slate - really, any dark, muted tone. Also, you can also use chartreuse and violet. Wouldn't that be a fun combo! Or navy and violet, one of my personal favorites.

Generally, Virgo is highly perceptive, yet modest, precise, systematic, and well-organized. They are also clean and health-oriented. Any dwelling in which they live must have adequate storage, for Virgo needs to have order before they can even begin to think. They are not the kind to hoard anything, and they are constantly weeding out the superfluous that may have somehow ended up in their space. Don't expect them to live in an older neighborhood: they won't stay long in any place that shows the least bit of dilapidation.

With its natural materials and colors, the Craftsman style is ideal for Virgos. They like functional furniture and accessories, i.e...an ottoman that also serves as storage. They appreciate anything that is well-made. Some design concepts and items that are ruled by this sign:

Space savers
Embroidery or other stitching
Herb gardens
Small patterns
Dried flowers
Botanical prints, especially leaf motifs
Cat statues
Fruit bowls
Oak and walnut
Subdued lighting
Comfortable fabrics such as cotton
Environmentally friendly
Large pantries for organic foods and medicinal herb storage

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