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Cosmic Musings


by Darlene Mitrevics on 09/19/17

All that's been going on - hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, Korea, ISIS, the Solar Eclipse, and the usual hunger and nasty politics - makes you just want to  hunker down in a space of shelter from the world, where you can feel at peace, loved, and reconnected.  I'm talking about your home, the place where you can hang your hat and run naked, if you so choose.  (Or is this perspective because I'm an empty nester?)

In astrology, your home and all real estate is traditionally represented by the Fourth House.  It is the House of the family, of endings, your personal history. But I have found that, at least in the U.S., it is the Tenth House, the house of status, that mostly describes what you need in your physical home.  Of course, you will need to always consider the big picture, the entire chart, but look at your Tenth House for some clues.


by Darlene Mitrevics on 05/04/17

I have to admit, I don't understand Taurus very well, my own chart being replete with Fire and Air influences and very little Earth.  So I've procrastinated about discussing Taurus and design in a post.  But I can tell you this: nothing would be completed without people like Taurus.  The whole design process goes like this:  Water signs feel the need to create, Fire signs get the inspiration, Air signs work out the details, and Earth signs do the work.  

I do think that Taureans are like little hobbits, earthbound, craving their creature comforts.  I'm sure that Bilbo Baggins was a Taurus!  They like gourmet food, soft beds, silky fabrics, feather down, flowers and greenery, beautiful scents, Impressionist art, lyrical music, and easy living..  The walls of their space are light-colored and low-contrast, with perhaps a floral design paper hung. They're partial to monochromatic and analogous color schemes.  Cream, alabaster, grass green, true blue, copper, pastel pink, coral, and creamy yellow belong to this sign.  Everything is soft and curvy, even furniture, creating a cozy and intimate environment.

If a Taurus doesn't have a private outdoor space, they just won't be happy hobbits.  In a recent post, design blogger  Laurel Bern shows a beautiful outdoor space by designer Mark D. Sikes that I want to share with you.  So elegant:

Piscean Pleasure

by Darlene Mitrevics on 02/28/17

The Sun's currently in the sign of Pisces. What does this mean from an interior design perspective? First, color: Piscean colors are coral, sea green, red-violet, white, pale grey, turquoise, lavender, mauve, navy, burnt sienna, and burnt umber.

Pisces is associated with the planet Neptune, god of the sea; naturally, they feel an affinity with that environment. A cottage by the ocean, or, better yet, a home on their own island, is ideal! Pisces picks up energies - everybody's - so they need a home to which to escape.

The obvious choice of style for the interior is coastal, which is fine if Pisces DOES own that island or lives on the coast. But what happens if you're a Piscean desert dweller? Here are some design concepts that need to be included, regardless of where Pisces lives:

Lots of fabric; fabric wall
Transparent fabrics
Rounded shapes
Mood setting lights, candles
Water features, indoor and outdoor
Theater Room
Wine Cellar
A special closet for shoes (Pisces rules the feet)
Fish tanks
Dark Room for photography
Sand art

Serious (Yet Elegant) Capricorn

by Darlene Mitrevics on 01/18/17

The Sun is well into the sign of Capricorn already! Wow. Time flies. (Now, that's a Capricorn statement, if I've ever heard one!) So, what are some key words to understanding this sign? March & McEvers (one of my favorite sources) list Cappies as being businesslike, traditional, hardworking, serious, responsible, cautious, inhibited, status-seeking, brooding, and scrupulous (there's always good and bad to every sign). You can depend on these people! Also, where you have Capricorn in your chart will determine in what area of your life you might exhibit some of those traits. Fifth house? With your kids. Seventh house? With your partner. Et cetera.

To what type of design is Capricorn drawn? They like angular and symmetrical lines in architecture. And quality stuff - expensive! Things that scream success! Classic elegance! Think Fendi Casa furniture, for example, a Neo-Capricorn look. A more traditional approach to this sign includes old world charm, arched windows, nubby fabrics, Chesterfield sofas, dark woods, silver and lead, leather, velvet, stone, slate, Don't forget to include anything that organizes or is related to time. This sign rules grandfather clocks!

Black, black, black is the primary color for Capricorn! But, really, any dark, matted color, including indigo, chocolate, navy or charcoal.

Lovely Libra

by Darlene Mitrevics on 09/28/16

I think that the Impressionist style of art best describes a Libra's approach to interior design - soft, pastel, and a little blurred! Libras can have such difficulty making up their mind!  They do, however, appreciate symmetry, which is reflected by their glyph - the Scales.  But the Scales aren't always balanced.  Libra can be all sweetness and light, then turn restless, depressed, argumentative, and confused before balance is achieved again.  How does this trait translate into design for the Libran home?  Ultimately, Librans will come back to balance again, so it's best to provide them with an environment that focuses on symmetry and harmony, so as to aid them in that quest.  Pairs of items, monochromatic color schemes, milky whites and pastels, light and airy architecture (they are air signs, after all), sculpture gardens, art walls, lace, translucent fabrics, loveseats, candles and candlesticks, cloth napkins, good china, sterling silver, fresh flowers, music systems, whitewashing, and marble floors all are Libra design elements.  Whether male or female, Libra simply won't abide anything claustrophobic, ugly, or asymmetric.  Libran colors are pale pink, baby blue; actually, pastels of all colors.  Also add rose and copper to the list.

Remember, though, that the Libra Sun will have other emphases in the natal chart to blend with these basic characteristics.

The Signs and Their Colours

Aries - Bright, Fiery Red, Scarlet, Magenta

Taurus - Coral, Cream, Copper, True Blue, Grass Green

Gemini - Crystal Blue,Periwinkle, Yellow, Orange, Violet

Cancer - White, Silver, Pale Turquoise, Opal, Pale Gray, Light Green

Leo - Gold, Amber, Yellow-Orange, Yellow-Brown

Virgo - Muted Tones, Indigo, Lime Green, Violet, Sage

Libra - Pink, Light Blue-Green, Baby Blue, Rose, Copper, Bronze

Scorpio - Chocolate, Blood Red, Carmine Red, Royal Purple, Black

Sagittarius - Olive Green, Rust, Purple, Violet, Rich Red, Navy

Capricorn - Black, Navy, Charcoal, Blue-Violet, Matte Hues

Aquarius - Azure Blue, Slate, Violet, Jade, Onyx, Turquoise, Bright White

Pisces -  Coral, Sea Green, Mauve, Turquoise, Sand, Burnt Sienna, Umber