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Feel like your home could use a bit of a cosmic tweak? Cosmic Colourings Interior Design uses archetypal astrology as a tool for discovering your true colour preferences and decorating style for your home or business. Using your zodiac birth chart to understand your inner design needs is a fun, insightful, and unique experience.  

  • AVOID costly colour and design mistakes! 
  • Better UNDERSTAND your inner needs!
  • FEEL HAPPIER and more COMFORTABLE in your environment!
Pisces Blue Parlor
     In astrology, the planets and signs are associated each with various hues. Just as the personality of the individual can be determined by reading the astrological birth chart, so can his or her colour (or color, depending on your neck of the world) and interior design preferences. 
​     And colour is so important to us! From distant galaxies to our own, life is replete with abundant, beautiful colour. Raindrops or water from garden hoses through sunlight, angled just right, can reveal the colours of the visible spectrum - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. 
​     Research has indicated that these colours, along with black and white, and the myriad combinations that can be made from them all, affect our mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Colour impacts our moods, taste, what we buy, even what we remember!
Hutton Wilkinson
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